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UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, and other sources:

Anger over move to send 'caged' Yarloop students to makeshift school (06:19 UTC) AuBC

Judge acquits DNC delegate of assaulting fellow delegate (06:13 UTC) AP

Migratory bird haven in SA declared national park (06:01 UTC) AuBC

Police hunt for man who allegedly filmed woman in change rooms (06:01 UTC) AuBC

That's no toy: Parliament House security forces 2yo to hand over lightsaber (05:37 UTC) AuBC

Yoga pants critic stands by letter that sparked parade (05:28 UTC) AP

Cruz's Trump flip-flop may hurt his popularity back in Texas (05:22 UTC) AP

AP News Guide: Pipeline activists swept off private property (05:19 UTC) AP

Activists split as Clinton makes push for black millennials (05:19 UTC) AP

Robert E. Lee's Gettysburg headquarters gets 6M facelift (04:49 UTC) AP

Oregon case jury delivers blow to government in lands fight (04:46 UTC) AP

Top 25 memorable Vines: A eulogy to the killed app (04:40 UTC) AuBC

Frequent fatal casino bus crashes draw attention from feds (04:37 UTC) AP

AP PHOTOS: Editor Selections From Latin America, Caribbean (04:25 UTC) ABC

After delay, jurors to hear closing arguments in bridge case (04:25 UTC) AP

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