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UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, and other sources:

Black Friday chaos spreads to UK (07:01 UTC) CNN

Ferguson protests shut down malls (07:01 UTC) CNN

3 background checks per second (07:01 UTC) CNN

Prominent rights lawyer released in China (06:46 UTC) AP

Three-way tie for Australian Open lead after third round (06:40 UTC) AuBC

Protests, tension return to Ferguson streets (06:40 UTC) CNN

Clashes in Hong Kong after fresh protest crackdown (06:28 UTC) AuBC

Lenny Henry to guest edit R4's Today (06:25 UTC) BBC

Friends remember Clutha crash night (06:25 UTC) BBC

Clutha crash engines 'flamed out' (06:25 UTC) BBC

Eight dead in pub helicopter crash (06:25 UTC) BBC

Police helicopter crashes into pub (06:25 UTC) BBC

UAE official visits Qatar in sign of mended ties (06:25 UTC) AP

UN: Ferguson events a 'tragedy' (06:22 UTC) CNN

Live: Victorian election tipped to be tight contest (06:13 UTC) AuBC

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