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UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, and other sources:

Egypt State News Agency Reports That Egyptian Court Declares Hamas a 'Terrorist Organization' (13:49 UTC) ABC

Kurdish leader seeks Turkey peace (13:49 UTC) BBC

Flights suspended after power cut (13:49 UTC) BBC

UK 'must prepare for Russian threat' (13:49 UTC) BBC

Two men charged over murder of NZ national in Cairns (13:49 UTC) AuBC

Report: Egypt court declares Hamas a 'terrorist' group (13:43 UTC) AP

Buffett reflects on his firm's success and strength (13:43 UTC) AP

Vatican's finance czar defends spending by his office (13:43 UTC) AP

Putin tells Nemtsov's mother her son's killers will be punished (13:40 UTC) REUTERS

Egypt courts list Hamas as terrorist group, give Brotherhood leader life (13:37 UTC) REUTERS

Police in Germany's Bremen heighten security citing possible Islamist threat (13:37 UTC) REUTERS

Russian investigators fail to mention Nemtsov was top Putin critic (13:34 UTC) FOX

Obama, Netanyahu on collision course 6 years in the making (13:34 UTC) AP

Singapore founding father Lee's condition improves slightly (13:28 UTC) AP

Stolen No. 44 race car found in suburban Atlanta (13:25 UTC) SALON

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